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Maxillofacial Trauma in Colorado Springs, CO

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What Is Maxillofacial Trauma?

If trauma or injury to the face or jaw occurs, our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons are here to provide the help you that you need. Facial injuries may result from any physical impact of the mouth, jaw, or face and can impact the teeth, gums, jaw joints (temporomandibular joints), and jawbones. While these injuries may range from a minor condition, like a cracked tooth, to something more severe, such a jaw fracture, Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery offers the care you need to bring health and function back to your smile. Injuries that we commonly treat include oral or facial lacerations, avulsed (knocked-out) teeth, broken facial bones, and forehead trauma. Facial injuries may be caused by sports injuries, auto accidents, and slip-and-falls, among other incidents that result in damage to the face, jaw, or mouth. As a comprehensive oral surgery practice, our team is proud to offer excellence in surgical care from our modern facility or a local hospital setting. Contact our team right away if you or a family member needs immediate care for maxillofacial trauma. When it comes to facial injuries, receiving the care you need in a timely manner is often crucial to your recovery and preservation of maxillofacial structures.

When Is Maxillofacial Treatment Needed?

As oral surgeons, our team has advanced expertise in managing facial injuries and preserving oral and facial structures through skilled care and techniques. We understand the emotional impact that also accompanies physical injury and will work to repair your facial appearance following trauma that affects the face, jaw, and mouth. Our team has special training in reconstructing the bones, soft tissues, and complex nerve structures of the face and have profound knowledge of how treatment today may impact the physical appearance and oral function of our patients over the long-term.

Our skilled oral and maxillofacial surgical team offers emergency services and acute care, facial reconstruction, and care that focuses on overall rehabilitation. We treat a wide range of facial and jaw injuries. Some of those most common include:

  • Knocked-out teeth (avulsion)
  • Damaged teeth
  • Fractured upper and lower jaws
  • Fractured cheekbones
  • Forehead injuries
  • Fractured orbital bones
  • Facial lacerations (major and minor)
  • Oral lacerations (major and minor)

How Are Jaw and facial Injuries Treated?

Treatment for maxillofacial injuries is performed on a case-by-case basis. While some patients are treated within our well-equipped surgical center, others are better served in a hospital setting. Our team maintains surgical privileges at Memorial Hospital and Penrose Hospital. Your specific needs and severity of the injury will dictate the type of approach we use in repairing your jaw, face, or mouth. To provide appropriate care, we will take into consideration your age, condition, the severity of the injury, location of the injury, and any other medical conditions or health concerns that you may have. We will treat your injury but may recommend follow-up care or partner with your dentist or another dental specialist to comprehensively address your treatment needs.

When you arrive at our office or the hospital for care, we will discuss your options for treatment along with sedation and anesthesia services. Your comfort and safety during treatment and after are very important to us. Our team will monitor you throughout your procedure and will work to make sure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Local anesthetic and IV sedation, or general anesthesia for more extensive surgeries, may be used for your treatment.

Recovery Following Facial Trauma Repair

Recovering from your treatment for facial injury will vary based on the extent of your injury and type of procedure performed. Our team will be sure to provide follow-up instructions before you leave our office and let you know if any further treatments will be needed and when to visit our surgical center for a follow-up evaluation. Facial surgery may take place in phases to fully repair injuries that are affecting your health, function, or appearance. If your treatment involves wires, sutures, or other stabilization devices, our surgeons will let you know when these devices can be removed. You may also need to visit your restorative dentist or another type of specialist for a full repair if you sustained an injury to your teeth. Throughout the treatment and healing process, however, our caring team will be here to guide you and answer any questions you may have as you recover.

Is Facial Injury Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Many dental or medical insurances may offer coverage for treatment to repair maxillofacial injuries. A member of our administrative team will review your benefits and calculate any personal expenses. To help make your care easier to afford, our Colorado offices accept several convenient payment solutions and can provide you with information on flexible medical financing.

Trusted Maxillofacial Care

When your family is affected by facial trauma, turn to the team trusted by many patients and referring practitioners alike for comprehensive and skilled oral and maxillofacial surgical care. Our Colorado oral surgery offices treat a wide range of injuries to the face, jaw, and mouth, including knocked-out teeth, broken bones in the face, and a fractured jaw. From emergency care to long-term rehabilitation, our surgical specialists are ready to provide the personalized care you need to get back your comfort, appearance, and general wellness.

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